Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Christmas Is Coming...

The goose is getting fat, please to put the penny in the old man's hat....oops that's the song Miss Piggy sang in the Muppet Christmas special. Sorry about that. But now is the time to think about visiting Barbee and Friends Doll Clothes in time for Christmas.

Whether you are in the market for Barbie doll clothes , Ken clothes or clothes for your Kelly doll, now is the time to start browing and making your Christmas, birthday or any other holiday list.

Did you know that stores simply don't carry the selection of clothes for your Ken doll that they used to carry? I had tons of people last year who ordered Ken doll clothes and told me that they couldn't find them in stores. Of course I was happy about that as I told them that handmade doll clothes are always better!

All little girls love glittery, puffy Barbie evening gowns and I don't think you can go wrong with what I have to offer. From what I have seen in the stores, you have to buy a brand new Barbie doll in order to get any kind of fancy gown.

Ok now that you've browsed my site for a little while and you have all these clothes you want to buy, why not make your shopping one-stop and get a new or used doll ? I have quite a few to choose from that are new in box or some that are gently used. My goal is to have even more as it gets closer to Christmas.

Last year I sold every doll that I had listed on the site. Not saying that was a lot because I had just come up with the idea, but I know that the closer it gets to Christmas, the bigger the rush is to find that perfect last minute Barbie gift.

Also last year I had quite a bit of leftover craft show clothes that I could sell those who were calling me daily on the phone and seeing if they could get something in the dwindling days before the big holiday. This year I am pretty much wiped out of all those clothes so that means orders will need to get in early if I am going to have the time to get all the orders finished.

Ok just how early do you have to order? Well I recommend ordering no later than November 25 because anything ordered after that cannot be guaranteed that you'll receive it to use as a Christmas gift. I will keep working as fast as I possibly can to ensure that your items reach your house when needed.

Which leads me to the next topic, my site break. I like to do Christmasy things with my family, shopping, visiting, making cookies, you know, the stuff you see on all those TV specials. Oh yeah and I like to watch those TV specials (my fave is Charlie Brown!) so I am taking my break from December 20 to January 8 so that I can focus on my family and our own Christmas. Too many years I've been cutting and sewing at the 11th hour and had to break my neck to get finished. It's ok if I take off that long, I know the boss! She can be a grump at times but she's ok! This is why I love working for myself!

Thanks to all my crafter friends who inspired me to write this today after seeing them take a renewed interest in their blogs! Hey girls, you know who you are!