Friday, October 12, 2007

Doll Diaries Is Sponsoring a Cool Giveaway!

In addition to sewing Barbie doll clothes for my website, Barbee and Friends Doll Clothes, I also like to sew for American Girl dolls as well as collect American Girl dolls. I belong to The American Girl Fans Message Board and today I saw a post for a site called Doll Diaries where the owner is wanting to get people to come sign up for her first ever giveaway. Just to give another plug out, the giveaway is sponsored by Beautiful Doll.

What is she giving away, you might ask? Just check out out this page to sign up to win an adorable pumpkin costume for your American Girl or other 18 inch doll. All you have to do is make a comment on her blog, tell that you'd like to win and maybe mention another costume that is your doll's favorite for Halloween. Very simple! Actually I shouldn't be telling you because I'd like to win it! Just kidding! I am really wanting to help her out by getting some more sign-ups for her contest. She's very excited about the giveaway.

While you're over there, browse around Doll Diaries for some other blog entries as well. It's not just about 18 inch dolls. I saw some links to posts about other dolls too. There are a lot of good resource links, photos, tips and reviews there too for different types of dolls including Barbie. When you're all finished looking there, you can come back and get your handmade Barbie clothes from me! All links above should open in new windows. Good luck! (I think! heehee)