Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adjusting to College Life and Empty Nesting

Wow you're saying, another post on the same day? What is this world coming to? Well I just wanted to get my customers/readers caught up with what is going on in my real life. Yes! I actually do have a real life beyond making handmade Barbie clothes or sewing clothes for American Girl dolls.

As many of you know, we recently became empty nesters, well we will be for 5 years anyway, lol. Our one and only, our daughter has gone to the University of Connecticut and life is well, just plain strange right now. She went from tears to happiness pretty quickly though as she's adjusting to life on campus, getting used to sharing the bathroom and showers and of course, doing laundry. Being an only, she was not used to what it's like to wait on the bathroom or a place to take out her contacts or brush her teeth. Although I would say she's probably had more experience in those things than most kids (aside from the laundry!) by having attended 4-H camp since she was in 5th grade as well as going on various overnight class trips.

She doesn't seem to think she's making friends quickly enough but she does really like it in Huskyland. The football games are fun and she enjoys her Animal Science class a lot. We are going up to visit her on Family week so that should be fun.

Meanwhile here at home, hubby and I are adjusting to not having a kid to run to various events and having lots less laundry--hmm, not really anything wrong with those two things, haha. We're finding that we're spending a lot less on gas and groceries, lol. We do miss her a lot but going to UConn has been her dream for a long time now and we're happy she's realizing that dream. She's funding her own education as well because for one, we can't afford to. Plus we all feel that she'll appreciate it so much more if she has to pay for it herself. Not saying we're not helping. Trust me, I've already sent her 4 care packages! It's all a learning process. Before too long, we'll feel like veterans at this empty nesting thing!

Anyway, my Barbie clothes orders really picked up right around the time we were getting ready to move her in up at UConn so I've stayed consistently behind. If you ordered in August, your order should be there. If you ordered earlier this month, don't worry, it's going to be there soon. At the moment as I write this, I am working on one order and just have 3 waiting so I'm not as backed up as I once was.

It has been quite a busy end of summer though and I would like to thank anyone who has placed orders recently for their extreme patience as we three Hanns adjust to college life. I have had to spend a lot more time on the phone with our daughter and sometimes she just calls me to check in. I wouldn't trade that time for all the world as I'm sure no one else would either. My family definitely comes first but my customers are next!

Don't forget to bookmark both my sites for your Barbie doll clothes and American Girl clothes gift giving needs this season! Handmade gifts are always the best! Christmas will be here before you know it. I already have people who have said they're placing their orders early for Christmas and that is very much appreciated. The earlier you order, the better. I usually like to tell people that I cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas gift-giving after November 25 so I am going to stick with that date this year as well. I do of course sew after that but I finally have to stop and have my own Christmas.

Well, until next time, whenever that may be! Have fun playing with or collecting dolls. Don't forget, dolls are not just for kids! They're for the young at heart!